I Can’t Stop Watching SUPERNATURAL

I usually try and stick to comics around here. And I usually try to post more regularly than I have been. But lately I’ve hit a bit of a wall. That wall’s name is Supernatural.

I cannot stop watching this show. Like, seriously. As we speak, I should be picking up my laundry, but instead I hit the Resume Playing button on the Netflix app because I just can’t stop. Truth be told, I’ve watched two more episodes since I typed that sentence. Possibly three. It’s a problem.

Basically, Supernatural is the on-going adventures of two brothers driving back and forth across the country in a 1967 Chevy Impala, fighting a variety of demons, ghosts, and monsters. And it pushes oh so many of the right buttons. There are a couple over-arching plot lines to keep things from getting too mundane over the seasons, but the format is mostly monster-of-the-week. Which I happen to adore when it’s done well. And Supernatural is done well.

I’m not exactly sure what it is that’s got me hooked on this show like crack. I mean it’s set in a pretty terrifying place, I don’t know why I feel so comfortable slipping into this world night after night, particularly before bedtime. Yet somehow, I can’t help leaping in each time. Sure it’s a dark and twisty place, but there’s humor and heart and adventure as well.

That’s mostly due to the Winchester brothers. Sure they’re pretty and I’m a sucker for their hazel puppy-dog eyes. But it’s not just their charming good looks that make the show so watchable. Sam and Dean have got a great relationship; they fight, bicker, play pranks, and bust chops just like brothers do. They’re the only family they have left, and they love each other more than anything.

On the surface they’re dark and damaged little boys, but at their core both Sam and Dean are good men. They’re not Hunters for any kind of fame or glory, they just want to do right by their parents and the rest of humanity. Keeping things safe and quiet for the rest of us. And they love doing what they do – Sam begrudgingly so and Dean unabashedly – but still. It’s their love for their vocation that makes the show… well, fun. I mean, Dean is downright swashbuckling. Yes, Supernatural is a horror series, but it’s full of action and adventure; it’s about family and saving the world no matter what the cost. That, to me, is what makes it so damn watchable.

Now, let me go watch the Christmas special…


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